We organize free literacy programs for adults in local communities in Africa. 750 million adults or 14% of our world population, don’t know how to read or write. Two thirds of them are women and one third lives in sub-Saharan Africa. Our vision is that every adult in Africa gets access to literacy.

Adult literacy rate by country
Adult literacy rate by country, 2016
Source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics, July 2017

Digital Literacy Programs for Adults

Our mission is to deliver literacy programs mainly in local communities in Africa through digital devices. Simply by using a tablet, participants will learn the basic skills of reading and writing. Firstly, we are going to develop a learning software. Secondly, we will provide hardware for participating local communities in Africa. The pilot program will start in rural Northern Ghana.


Tonify is a registered charity. The income of our language trainings goes into the digital literacy programs in Africa. We also receive allowances and qualify for tax-deductible donations. We appreciate and acknowledge any contributions.

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